• How to create the perfect pin

    In just three months Pinterest gets the same amount of traffic to my website as every other social media platform and search engine COMBINED!

  • How to find your perfect customer on Pinterest

    Pinterest is broken.  It’s not for me. Pinterest doesn’t work for businesses.  It’s only about wedding planning and interiors. I’ve heard all these things said about Pinterest.  And the thing is, none of them are true. Yes, Pinterest is partly about weddings and interiors, but that’s FAR from the full story.  In fact, if you […]

  • 3 myths about Pinterest that aren’t true!

    Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. No doubt you’ll have considered all of these when it comes to getting your business out there and finding new customers. But have you ever thought about using Pinterest? Yes, you know, that platform where everyone goes and plans their weddings or their home renovation projects?  Or just occasionally might look up […]