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Unconventional? Looking for something different from your jewellery? Want to stand out at events? Are you just bored of all the same-y looking stuff out there?

I get you – that’s exactly why I’m drawn to designing sculptural and architectural-inspired jewellery that’s different from anything else you’ll find on the high street.


Even though I’ve won awards for my designs, you could say I kinda fell into the world of jewellery making.

I’ll let you into a secret.  I actually originally signed up for a furniture design course when I moved to Liverpool. I’ve always loved making – the process has always been like a therapy to me.  It’s all about solving a problem with materials – challenging myself to see what I can make. But when fate intervened and the furniture course was cancelled, I ended up on a jewellery design course…which ended up being the perfect fit, as luck would have it!

Creating tiny miniature sculptures that people can wear is such a brilliant way to make art accessible and portable.  And some of my proudest moments have been when I’ve spotted a complete stranger wearing my designs – designs I’ve created in my Liverpool studio. Seeing my ideas out there in the world, being enjoyed by other people, or being shown in top galleries <EMBED GALLERIES LINK IN THE WORD ‘GALLERIES’> and shows all over the world is just such an amazing feeling.

When the world-renowned jewellery collector, Tuan Lee, commissioned a piece of my jewellery right out of design school, I knew I’d found my happy place – designing and selling jewellery. But not any old jewellery – big, bold, sculptural pieces – like miniature works of art! Pieces that get you NOTICED.


Inspired by the urban surroundings of day-to-day city life, my work is architectural and geometric at its core. I create bold and tactile wearable structures, which can also stand alone as miniature sculptures. They’re often interactive or convertible too, inviting you to manipulate the piece however you like.

I start a collection by creating miniature sculptures, then I try to work out how that could work on the body. So that’s kind of my starting point. And I really enjoy that process of taking something just an object or a form and making it into something wearable.

I like to think differently.

I’ve used recycled guitar strings, pyrite and cast resin in my work. I shy away from using typical gemstones – to me they all start to look the same. Instead, I’m drawn to the unconventional, like Pyrite.  I love the chaos of it. How it’s so geometric but also just completely chaotic – a bit like me!


However, although I’m drawn to unconventional materials, most of my pieces are created from ethical recycled sterling silver, using traditional silversmith techniques – so they’ll definitely last the test of time. What makes them different is the big, bold designs. You can check out what’s available in my shop now, right here. <EMBED SHOP LINK IN THE WORD ‘HERE’> Or if you’d like to commission a completely unique piece, then you can get in touch here. <EMBED CONTACT LINK IN THE WORD ‘HERE’>

I’ve got such lovely customers – for example one of them contacted me to tell me she’d picked me to commission a new ring for her anniversary (something she did every five years). I was just kind of giddy about that for weeks! It’s so lovely when people really connect with your work and choose it to mark special moments in their lives. 

When you get to know me, you might notice that I’m not from these parts – in fact I grew up in the States. So how did I end up in the UK? Well, I fell in love with a boy and ended up settling down in Liverpool, where I now live with my husband and daughter.  Every day I cycle to my small studio in the city, and absorb myself in the process of creating a new piece of wearable art.


If you’re a jewellery junkie like me, and you enjoy wearing unique pieces, then sign up for my VIP list here. You’ll hear about my latest designs and inspiration and get access to collections and offers before anyone else. Sign up to be a jewellery junkie here! <EMBED SIGN UP LINK IN THE WORD HERE>

Can’t wait to connect with you and share the jewellery love!




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