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Content to help you feel empowered, let go of your limiting beliefs and mindset blocks and achieve your biggest goals, using coaching techniques and strategies.

  • Coaching – am I a good fit for you?

    Victoria Brown coaching and mentoring, coach, mentor, benefits of coaching, Solihull,

    If you’ve never worked with a coach before, you might be thinking, “What’s the point in coaching anyway?” So, if it helps, let me share a bit about why I love coaching so much and how I help my coachees. I always find a good story explains things better than a boring old list of […]

  • Postnatal ambition

    “Your priorities will change”, they said. “Your career won’t matter any more.” On the first count they were right. But on the second they were oh, so wrong.

  • Three steps to your dream life

    What are your goals? I bet you’ve set some for January. And of course, they’re important. But on their own, they won’t motivate you.