Lead with your story...

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Want to create a deeper connection with your team or audience, but don’t know how?

You need to share your stories.

An experienced journalist, comms expert and lifelong story telling obsessive (I even used to tell stories in the fitness classes I taught), I understand the power of telling stories in business.

Telling your story in an engaging way will help you connect with your team or audience on a deeper level, making them more engaged and your business more profitable.

But it can be hard to see what your own story is, and how to use it in your business. [Enter me, from stage right].

I can help you uncover the story that’s buried inside you and help you tell it effectively and with confidence.

Everyone has a powerful story, but how are you going to tell yours?


Story is THE very best vehicle for connecting with your audience and customers. It’s the most effective way of creating an emotional bond between you and them – taking it away from an empty transaction, making it more meaningful for both of you.

Story puts the human back into your business, making sales so much easier and less icky. When done well, it will attract your ideal customers (ones that share your values, and that you love working with) and it will repel the people who don’t resonate with you (you know, the ones that you struggle to see eye to eye with, are sometimes downright awkward and give out a quiet groan when you see them in your inbox).

Telling your story is powerful, so you have to put some thought into it. So many people head straight to social media, or create website copy without giving any thought to their story…without ever thinking about what their business story is first. And then they wonder why people don’t resonate with it (or like, comment etc).

And it’s because the beating heart of that content – THEIR STORY – is missing. Content without a heart is like a human without a beating heart. It’s basically a robot. One that people can’t connect with, because it’s not alive.


But when you take time to create your story and use that for the basis of everything you do… and it’s authentically and powerfully you… Well, that’s powerful stuff.

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“Victoria's relaxed, friendly and will put you at ease. She knows when and how to challenge you, and will push you out of your comfort zone when you're holding yourself back. I was nervous about opening up to a stranger. But through our coaching sessions, Victoria's helped me set, and meet, a series of goals that have moved my business forward at a fast pace. I’ve also been able to refocus my business, so it aligns more with my values and personal passions. Which means what I’m doing now is even more exciting and fulfilling than before!”
Ben Hickman
Coach and Founder, Adnovar
"Everyone needs a Victoria Brown! She knows what she's talking about and has loads of great tips and ideas to help create a digital marketing strategy that works and is straightforward to follow."
Emma Whitby
Senior Marketing Executive, Vincent Timber Ltd
"Working with Victoria has been an absolute joy! Her enthusiasm and knowledge has been a great asset to Find a Maker. Victoria has hosted a number of workshops on a variety of subjects and our members have enjoyed them immensely. Looking forward to working with her again."
Sarah James
Craft Festival/Find a Maker

"You're never going to kill storytelling, because it's built in the human plan. We come with it."

Margaret Atwood

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I’ve been so honoured to have some amazing guests, like Caroline Rowland from 91 Magazine and Lauren Guthrie from the Great British Sewing Bee. Their stories are so inspiring and it’s a privilege to help tell them. I can’t wait to see who I get to chat to next!

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