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 Telling your brand story well is vital to creating a deeper connection with customers. And it’s becoming even more important in this new AI-fueled world.

 But you have to get clear on your brand story first. 

I’m Victoria and I can help you give you clarity on what you actually stand for, so you can create more authentic content, that feels like you and helps you stand out.


Discover the power of using stories in your content...

Telling stories is powerful, that’s why you have to put some thought into it. So many people head straight to social media, or create website copy without giving any thought their real, authentic brand story. They fall into the ‘should’ trap of posting what they think they should post…not what’s truly aligned with them. And then they wonder why people don’t resonate with it.

And it’s because the beating heart of that content – THEIR STORY – is missing. Content without a heart is like a human without a beating heart. It’s basically a robot. One that people can’t connect with, because it’s not alive.

But when you take time to create your story and use that for the basis of everything you do… and it’s authentically and powerfully you… Well, that’s powerful stuff.

We're hardwired for storytelling.
Sharing stories in your content makes your brand more memorable and stand out.

your ways to get more brand clarity

1-1 Story Coaching

Uncover your unique brand story and learn how to tell it better in your content, so you can create a deeper connection with your customers.

Brand Story Toolkit

Let me create you a personalised Brand Story Toolkit for your business, to make telling stories as easy peasy as lemon meringue pie.

Story Surgery Session

Borrow my story mind for a whole hour to tackle a story-related issue. Some may call it a ‘power hour’, I call it a ‘wower hour’.

Content not cutting through?
You need to get clear on your brand story and messaging. If you don't know what you stand for, how will anyone else?


Who the fluff am I to talk about stories?

Spending all my professional life finding and sharing stories – that’s more than 2 decades (I know, I don’t look that old). You could say I’m slightly obsessed with story. 

If you cut me right down the middle (please don’t), I’m pretty sure you’d find the word ‘story’ running though me.

A BBC journalist, Corporate Comms professional, podcast host and blogger (plus a stint as a stage entertainer in France and Captain of the Book Quiz team (twice)), storytelling is in my DNA.

Now I love helping people like you get clear on your brand story and share their stories in your content, so people take notice and take action.

"Working with Victoria has been an absolute joy! She has hosted a number of workshops and our members have enjoyed them immensely."
Sarah James
Craft Festival/Find a Maker
“Victoria's relaxed, friendly and will put you at ease. She knows when and how to challenge you, and will push you out of your comfort zone when you're holding yourself back.
Ben Hickman
Coach and Founder, Adnovar
"Everyone needs a Victoria Brown! She knows what she's talking about and has loads of great tips and ideas to help create a digital marketing strategy that works."
Emma Whitby
Senior Marketing Executive, Vincent Timber Ltd

Creative Slurp podcast is the story inspiration you need.

Be inspired by business owners living their dream, get tips from experts and my own experiences. Plus, oodles of marketing and mindset tips from my experience in marketing and as a leadership coach.

I’ve been so honoured to have some amazing guests, like Caroline Rowland from 91 Magazine and Lauren Guthrie from the Great British Sewing Bee. Their stories are so inspiring and it’s a privilege to help tell them. I can’t wait to see who I get to chat to next!

Don’t miss a single episode of juicy inspiration!


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You connect on a deeper level when you start sharing content aligned with your brand story... what's your story?

Ready to learn how to use your brand story
to create a deeper connection?

Check out the different ways I can help you with storytelling, whether you’re a leader looking to inspire your team or a business owner who wants to connect with their customers on a deeper level.