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Even if you’re an introvert, like me, you have to find a way of putting your business out there if you want to survive.  Let’s call it marketing – although don’t let that fancy, schmancy word put you off.  It simply means getting the right people to notice you and want to buy from you.

Over 17 years working as a BBC journalist, a communications professional at a FTSE 100 company, running my own handmade jewellery business and jewellery blog, I learned the tips and tricks to help you connect with your ideal customers, without it feeling icky (or like you’ve sold your soul to the social media gods).

Now, I’m a coach and can help you look at your business and make sure you’re marketing yourself as effectively as you should be.  Let’s face it, none of us like selling ourselves – it just feels plain weird – so sometimes it’s helpful to get a bit of advice on how to do it.

So, if you’re chomping at the bit to get started and know what you need help with, you can book a Power Hour on Zoom with me here.

Or check out my Pick and Mix workshops here.

(If you want my help, but you’re not sure how I can help you, then click on the funny floating head thing at the bottom of the page to say hello and ask me a question).

NEW for 2023: Accountability Club

Ever get that sinking feeling that another year’s gone by and you haven’t done what you set out to do?

It’s tough to stay motivated and productive when you’re a solo business owner, to really reach those goals you need someone to be accountable to.

Introducing my new Accountability Club for Creative Business Owners – get the tools you need to plan your monthly goals and get access to LIVE accountability sessions with me and fellow business owners every single month.

Victoria is an excellent writer. She writes clearly, concisely and with character, which always makes for an enjoyable read! She has lots of experience from writing for different organisations, on different topics, with different tones of voice, and she’s always happy to share what she’s learnt along the way – the top tips and the pitfalls!
Kate Donovan
Director of Communications - Avon
Working with Victoria has been an absolute joy! Her enthusiasm and knowledge has been a great asset to Find a Maker. Victoria has hosted a number of workshops on a variety of subjects and our members have enjoyed them immensely. Looking forward to working with her again.
Sarah James
Craft Festival/Find a Maker

A bit about me...

It all started with a blog...

We all love a good story, right? Well, here’s mine:

In July 2019 one idea completely changed my life.

It just popped into my head and told me to start a blog. As a jeweller, I was frustrated there was nowhere for me (or other jewellers) to tell their stories and promote themselves, which meant consumers were heading to the high street to fulfil their sparkly needs, and ending up with a pretty bland choice.

Starting that little blog set me on a path (ok, obsession) to help creatives and makers be seen by their customers.  And now I want to share that knowledge with you. So as well as empowering creative business owners to tell their story, I also host Creative Slurp Podcast, where I uncover the secrets of creating your dream business.


Creative Slurp podcast is the juice you NEED for your business.

Be inspired by other business owners who’re living their dream, get tips from experts and my own experiences.

I’ve been so honoured to have some amazing guests, like Caroline Rowland from 91 Magazine and Lauren Guthrie from the Great British Sewing Bee. Their stories are so inspiring and it’s a privilege to help tell them. I can’t wait to see who I get to chat to next!

Don’t miss a single episode of juicy inspiration!


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