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After 17 years of experience in journalism and content creation, I believe everyone has a story to tell…yes even you.

I’m on a mission as a Marketing Coach and Mentor to help you tell those stories in a way that can help you build a connection with your audience, establish trust, and ultimately sell more stuff (without it feeling icky (or like you’ve sold your soul to the social media gods – aka algorithms).

I can help you put together a marketing content strategy that works for your business, whether you want to DIY it as a small/micro business owner, or you want to hire a Marketing Coach and Mentor (that’s me) to come and work alongside your existing team.

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Your three ingredients to marketing success...

Want to be a successful marketer? 

Whether you’re a small biz owner or marketing exec, you’ll need these three vital ingredients to persuade your ideal customer to buy from you:

  • Findability – Whether it’s through SEO, Socials, networking, referrals or direct marketing; your audience needs to be able to find your business. Your offer needs to be clear and your website needs to be clear.
  • Likeability – How are you building that vital connection with your customers – why would they come to you, over someone else? What’s your USP?
  • Trust – Your customers will ONLY buy from you if they trust you – how are you showing and proving to them that you provide quality?
By working with you as a Marketing Coach and Mentor, I can help you focus on the right things, to help the marketing process go so much more smoothly.
Graphic on yellow background, showing that Findability plus likeability plus trust will end up with more paying customers
Working with Victoria has been an absolute joy! Her enthusiasm and knowledge has been a great asset to Find a Maker. Victoria has hosted a number of workshops on a variety of subjects and our members have enjoyed them immensely. Looking forward to working with her again.
Sarah James
Craft Festival/Find a Maker

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.” – John Whitmore

what is a marketing coach anyway?

A marketing coach?
What's the point?

What on earth’s a marketing coach and mentor? Why would you even need one?

Good question! 

There is a slight difference. A Marketing Mentor uses a combination of expertise in marketing and coaching skills to help you create a strong brand and marketing strategy to help you attract and sell to your ideal customers.  

They’ll help you create a strong brand strategy to help your business stand out, and show you the different elements you need (great copywriting, content creation, marketing project management, social media management, customer journey, email marketing etc) to help you sell more to the right people (and help it flow more easily).

A Marketing Coach does exactly the same as the above – but instead of telling you what to do – they focus more on using specialised coaching techniques to uncover the things holding you back in your marketing strategy.

As an experience communications professional and coach/mentor I can help either as a Marketing Mentor, Marketing coach and Marketing Consultant (or a combination of the above, to create a truly personalised approach for you).

Creative Slurp podcast is the juice you NEED for your business.

Be inspired by other business owners who’re living their dream, get tips from experts and my own experiences. Plus, oodles of marketing and mindset tips from my experience in marketing and as a leadership coach.

I’ve been so honoured to have some amazing guests, like Caroline Rowland from 91 Magazine and Lauren Guthrie from the Great British Sewing Bee. Their stories are so inspiring and it’s a privilege to help tell them. I can’t wait to see who I get to chat to next!

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