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If there’s someone you’d love me to interview on the podcast, or a specific topic you’d like me to cover, please drop me a line and let me know here.  After all, I want you to think of this as YOUR podcast.

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Nov 22, 2022

Gut instinct and listening to your customers with textile designer Poppy Treffry

Poppy Treffry is an award-winning Cornish textile designer that started her business in an attic with a 1930’s sewing machine and car boot sale fabric in 2003 and now has a well-established business employing an army of sewers across rural cornwall. I really enjoyed our chat and Poppy’s obvious passion, not just for craft, but also business. I can’t wait to share her story with you, as well as tell you how her customers came to the rescue during the pandemic. This is a lesson in following your gut and going for it - enjoy! You can find out more about Poppy here: https://poppytreffry.co.uk/

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Nov 15, 2022

The SEVEN golden rules of social media in your business

Social media can be so overwhelming when you start a business - which channels to use? What to post? How to actually get results? Should you use paid ads? And what's actually the blinkin' point anyway? So, in this podcast I've put together my top 7 golden rules of social media, to make sure you get the benefits of socials, without it sucking the life out of you. I've also created a handy-andy FREE downloadable checklist and guide, to make it super easy to implement these golden rules - just go along to thevictoriabrown.com/social to grab your copy.

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Nov 08, 2022

Overcoming your money blocks as an artist with Krystle McGilvery

Meet Krystle McGilvery - Chartered Accountant and Fine Artist - she’s passionate about helping people overcome the mindset blocks they have about managing their money and giving business owners the financial tools they need to survive and thrive. In this conversation, we talk about practical and simple ways business owners can make managing their finances easier and Krystle’s experience of being diagnosed with both ADHD and Dyslexia late in life. This is such a great listen if you’ve ever struggled with money in life or business, and Krystle is living proof that you can be good at both finance and art! Enjoy. Find out more about Krystle on her website: https://www.krystlemcgilvery.com/

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Nov 01, 2022

The ups and downs of creative business with Illustrator Lisa Stickley

Introducing the wondrous Lisa Stickley - a creative who's wonderfully authentic and true to herself. She’s an illustrator who delightfully describes herself as a professional colourer-inner. She’s had so much business success - being stocked in household names like Harrods, Liberty, Paul Smith and Burberry, amongst others. She’s so generous in sharing her experience of when it all went wrong and she walked away from her business and name. She also talks about how she was affected by her dyslexia diagnosis as an adult and losing her Mum during lockdown. We talk about imposter syndrome, the importance of tenacity in business andbeing true to yourself. And she also talks about her love for lidos! I just loved her honesty and humour despite everything that has happened and think you’re going to love listening to this…enjoy! Find out more about Lisa at her website: https://lisastickleystudio.com/

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Oct 25, 2022

How being brave transformed my business

Do you feel stuck in a rut? When was the last time you did something a bit out of your comfort zone? It may be that you just need to make a few bold moves in business, and in life to try to change things up a bit. I recently realised I was playing too safe, and decided to be braver. Here are three ways I became braver and how it transformed by business and personal life. It could transform yours too.

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Oct 18, 2022

How to find your TRUE Creative Calling with Kerry Lyons

Are you REALLY satisfied in your Creative Career? Are you doing the thing you always really wanted to do, or are you compromising somehow? Kerry Lyons is a Creative Business Coach - her goal is to help everyone find their true Creative calling - because in her experience, many creatives end up in other creative roles that aren’t quite the perfect fit for them. In this episode, she tells her story and gives tips on how to get back on the right creative track if you’re finding yourself unfulfilled. As a creative myself, I found this whole topic fascinating and I hope you do too.

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Oct 11, 2022

Making your website better with Aime Cox-Tennant from Studio Cotton

Ever felt so frustrated with your website that you want to jack it all in and start again? If you’re getting no visitors and your SEO seems broken, then it can be frustrating, but don’t give up just yet. According to my guest today - the amazing Aime Cox-Tennant from Studio Cotton, there ARE things you can do to make your website better - even if you do want to chuck your laptop out of the window. In this week’s episode, Aime talks about her lovely business journey, gives loads of great website tips and the power of storytelling in your business.

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Oct 04, 2022

How to tell stories that sell

Have you ever been told to use 'storytelling' and 'stories' in your marketing, but no one's actually told you HOW? This episode demystifies the art of storytelling in social media, emails and websites, to show you the three different types of stories you should be telling to help you sell more in your business. Enjoy! To find out more about storytelling, check out my PIck and Mix 'Stories that Sell' Workshop, on Weds 12 October: https://thevictoriabrown.com/pickandmix/

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Sep 28, 2022

3 ways to BOOST your Christmas sales

Don't just leave it to chance! Did you know there are things you could be doing RIGHT NOW, to help boost your sales this Christmas? In this short episode, I go through the 3 key things you should be thinking about to have a bumper Christmas period, and how to put them into action. Enjoy and happy festive greetings!

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Sep 20, 2022

How to get better photos with 91 Magazine Editor, Caroline Rowland

Meet Caroline Rowland - editor of the amazing independent and award-winning 91 magazine - a gorgeous publication focused on interiors and creativity. Find out how Caroline ended up publishing her own magazine, after growing up in Northern Ireland and working as a picture editor for the Financial Times. We chat about having a career in publishing and how to make sure you have great images for your business. Find out more about 91 Magazine and order your copy here: https://www.91magazine.co.uk/

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Sep 14, 2022

Mural painting, working freelance and lockdown with illustrator and artist Michelle Abrahall

Ever wondered what it's really like to be a freelance artist and illustrator? Michelle Abrahall spills the beans and gives her top tips on avoiding imposter syndrome, keeping accountable as a creative and talks about how lockdown changed her business. Listen now for the real talk on what it's like to be a creative in such an unpredictable world.

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Sep 08, 2022

5 ways becoming a mentor can help you grow

Have you ever wondered whether you should mentor someone else? Maybe you don't think you have the time to help someone right now, and maybe you don't realise all the wonderful benefits you can get yourself, as a mentor. In this episode of Creative Slurp I talk about my journey as a mentor - from sceptic to supporter, the five BIG benefits to becoming a mentor for you and your business and the common myths around mentorship. And for a limited time, Enterprise Nation, in association with the UK Government and The Association of Business Mentors are offering FREE mentor training as part of their Help to Grow Management Scheme. Find out how to apply in the episode notes or in the podcast episode. http://www.thevictoriabrown.com/mentor

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Aug 31, 2022

Watering cans, pineapples and being more curious with artist and designer Julie-Anne Pugh

Have you ever wondered how a pineapple grows? Or why most watering cans are really boring? Artist and Surface Designer, Julie-Anne Pugh has! Now known for her colourful hand-painted watering cans, in this episode we chat about the importance of curiosity, human connection and joy. And she tells me all about her amazing art installations, giving away eggs during lockdown and painting her doorstep with uplifting messages. Learn more about Julie-Anne (including why she wants to be on Blue Peter, in this episode!

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Aug 23, 2022

5 steps to overcoming imposter syndrome

Have you ever suffered from imposter syndrome? Did it stop you doing something you really wanted to do, but were too scared/didn't think you were good enough to try? Hands up - I have! And so many times. But now I'm so much more aware of it than I used to be, I've come up with different ways to deal with it, so that it doesn't stop me from progressing my business and my dreams. Here are my 5 steps to overcoming imposter syndrome so you can walk the path of your wildest dreams...

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Aug 16, 2022

What moving from Brazil to New York taught me about business and upcycling with Wardrobe School's Vania Soucy

Can you imagine moving to a completely different country with hardly any money, not speaking the language and needing to find work? That's what happened to Vania Soucy. She arrived in New York, from Brazil, without being able to speak English that well and not knowing what she would do for work. With a background in sewing, she realised she could buy bags of second-hand clothes cheaply and upcycle them to sell on. Before long she got really good at it and created a successful business. Now she's teaching others to do the same, and help save the planet by recycling clothes with her online sewing school - Wardrobe School. Listen to this episode of Creative Slurp to find out what kept her going and how she did it...

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Aug 09, 2022

What I learned from my 30-day Art Challenge...

If you're a regular listener to this show, you'll know that at the end of June I set myself a challenge - to draw or paint for 30 days. Now, if you're an artist (or even if you're not) you may think this is no big deal. But...for me, it was. Even as a creative I had been telling myself for 25 years that I couldn't draw or paint, and would even feel like an imposter walking down the art aisle in the craft store. I decided a few weeks ago that enough was enough. I needed to address this limiting belief that was slowly oozing its toxicity into my mind and normalise drawing and painting for myself. In this episode find out what I learned about drawing and painting, but mostly what I learned about myself and why I love 30-day challenges so much for overturning limiting beliefs.

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Aug 02, 2022

From Kitchen Table to Award-Winning brand - Emma from Modo Creative

Ever wondered what it takes to build a brand from your kitchen table? Emma Tucker, Co-Founder of Modo Creative does. She and her husband, Andrew, set up their business around 15 years ago (at the same time as a complete lifestyle change, as they moved from London to Yorkshire). They are now regularly featured in the media, a staple of Not On The High Street, and are sold in major High Street shops like John Lewis (winning awards along the way). Find out Emma's top tips on how to build a creative brand with longevity and how they survived tough times during the pandemic.

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Jul 26, 2022

32. How to do a Summer Reset in your business

Do you miss that 'fresh new book' time at the start of September, now you're no longer at school? Why not create your own summer reset? Use the quiet time over the summer holidays to look back at your business to see what's worked, and remind yourself of those amazing business dreams that drifted off somewhere! Listen to find out my step-by-step guide on how to do your own summer business reset and start the 'new year' with a fresh outlook...

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Jul 19, 2022

31. What to do when your business is struggling...

Fuel bills are going up, grocery bills are rocketing, inflation is high. Whether or not we're heading for a recession, times are tricky for us all right now - and they're even more tricky for a business owner, when you're being squeezed on both sides. So what can you do? In this episode, I go through my 3-step plan to follow when times are tough and you don't know what to do.

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Jul 12, 2022

30. The art of telling small stories with Laura Pashby (@circleofpines)

How often do you stop and really think about the small stories that make up the fabric of your life? We're all so busy these days, it's so easy to forget! Laura Pashby (@circleofpine) is on a mission to help people rediscover the lost art of telling small stories - we chat about how to create a storytelling practice, how it can benefit your other artistic disciplines, the best way to deal with Instagram changes and being true to yourself. Enjoy!

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Jul 05, 2022

29. Sewing and self-belief with Lauren Guthrie from the Sewing Bee

Have you ever wondered what it's like to take part in a TV show, like The Great British Sewing Bee? This week we talk to Lauren Guthrie - one of the first-ever contestants. She's now taken her love of sewing to new heights by creating a successful sewing and haberdashery business! She tells us why she believes more of us should try new things and talks about the tricky balance between home life and business.

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Jun 28, 2022

28. How to start a blog

So you've heard about how brilliant blogs can be, but how do you start one? Here are my top tips for getting started on creating a brilliant blog - which will grow your audience and your business.

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Jun 21, 2022

27. Are you ready to take the Creative Slurp challenge?

So often we carry around limiting beliefs around with us about our abilities - especially when it comes to creativity. I myself have carried the limiting belief that I can't draw or paint for around 30 years! But no more, I've set myself a challenge to draw and paint every day for 30 days - will you join me to face your creative demons? You just need to do whatever scares you creatively for 15 mins a day for 30 days. Tag me in your progress with #creativeslurpchallenge. Let's smash those limiting beliefs holding us back creatively and mentally!

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Jun 14, 2022

#26: How to start believing in yourself and take action

What are you putting off right now because you think you're not ready yet? I bet there's something we are all guilty of thinking that we're not good enough or that we don't have enough experience yet, or that we'll do it tomorrow when we know a little bit more. And tomorrow never comes. We put off the things until tomorrow because we know we have to do them and we're scared. And that voice in our head can just be so overwhelming. It just paralyzes us. I know because I've been there, I'm still there sometimes. So here are some ways I've found to start believing in myself and take action.

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Jun 07, 2022

#25: Getting publicity for your business with Lucy Werner

Have you ever wondered how to (or even whether you should) get PR for your business? What is PR anyway? PR and branding expert Lucy Werner (author of Hype Yourself and Brand Yourself and Founder of The Wern PR agency) gives her top tips on how to get publicity for your small business.

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May 31, 2022

Episode 24: The quickest way to make your writing better

Let's de-mystify the world of writing - I want to make it super simple for you to write better copy and content for your business, without the faff. And the number one best way of doing that? By writing more simply! Simplifying your writing style will help your audience connect better with your writing, because they have to work less hard. Find out how to simplify your writing in this episode of Creative Slurp.

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May 24, 2022

Episode 23: How a blog changed my life

An all-expenses paid trip to Paris, a business I love and a community I'm passionate about - it all came from me starting a blog! Listen to this episiode of Creative Slurp to find out why you should start a blog and how to get started.

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May 17, 2022

Episode 22: Finding creativity later in life with screen printer Fiona Wilson

Meet Fiona Wilson, a screen print artist and teacher and creative mentor, based in Staffordshire. This week on Creative Slurp podcast, she talks to me about finding creativity later in life, what it takes to build a creative business and why working with faces makes her laugh!

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May 10, 2022

Episode 21: THREE ways to make email marketing easy

Want to make email easy? In my experience, lots of small business owners don't like writing emails to their customers. But email's proven to be the most effective way of selling! So how do you make it easier? Here are my THREE top tips for making writing emails to your customers easy AND effective - and spoiler alert - you may even learn to love writing them, like me!

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May 03, 2022

Episode 20: How to bounce back from failure

Failure sucks. We've all been there, and do you know what? In business, it's pretty much guaranteed. So how can you be resilient to failure, and use it to bounce back stronger than before? Here are my top tips for turning failure into a positive to build a stronger business and happier you.

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