Marketing Tips and Strategies

Learn how to create a marketing strategy that actually works, using content that resonates with your ideal customer, leading to increased trust and sales. Find out how to improve customer experience and customer journey and communicate with your customers in a way that makes your brand irresistible. Learn about social strategies, copywriting tips, planning marketing projects and how to track what’s working.

  • Easy Copywriting Tips – Your Recipe

    Mmmmmm, rich, sticky, gooey chocolate cake. 😋 Don’t you want your website, email and social media copy to be like that? Totally tempting and irresistible? Then, think of your copy like a cake. When you’re writing, you have to juggle a lot of balls in the air, so I find it helps to think of […]

  • How to use your stories to sell more stuff.

    Storytelling. We’ve all heard about the power of telling stories in your business. But it can all be a bit of a mystery how the paloozas to use them to actually help you sell stuff. And where the heck are these stories anyway? Are they all hiding under a rock somewhere dancing to Harry Styles […]

  • Marketing plans made easy

    For many years I was extremely resistant to planning of any sort. Sound familiar? As a creative person who likes to go with the flow – I found it went against the grain and it didn’t make any logical sense to me, as things can change so much. That was until I realised that achieving […]

  • 5 ways to find your secret brand sauce

    Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of COMPETITION out there? If you’re one of many, many jewellery designers, one in a million illustrators, or maybe one of a huge number of ceramicists.  Sometimes it’s really hard to not compare yourself to other (what you perceive to be more successful) businesses. And whilst you do need to […]

  • 3 easy steps you need to know to make your business digital

    I’m going to jump straight in and address the elephant in the room (hope you don’t mind me being direct, but that’s kinda my style!) So how’s business? Have things been really tough recently? If so, you’re not alone.  So many makers rely on selling their work in shops, markets and fairs. Which was working […]

  • 33 simple ways to grow your email list

    There’s no doubt. Growing an email list is THE most important thing you can do for your business.  If you have an engaged email list then you have got a group of fans ready and excited to buy your next product. It’s the number one way to make your creative business sustainable, no matter what […]

  • Why your free email address is costing your business…

    I get it. A free email account can be soooo attractive when you’re starting out.  You’re watching every penny and you don’t want to spend on anything you don’t need to.  I know, because I was totally the same!  But what you might not realise is that your free email address is holding you back […]

  • How to create the perfect pin

    In just three months Pinterest gets the same amount of traffic to my website as every other social media platform and search engine COMBINED!

  • How to find your perfect customer on Pinterest

    Pinterest is broken.  It’s not for me. Pinterest doesn’t work for businesses.  It’s only about wedding planning and interiors. I’ve heard all these things said about Pinterest.  And the thing is, none of them are true. Yes, Pinterest is partly about weddings and interiors, but that’s FAR from the full story.  In fact, if you […]