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I've been there.
And now I want to help you to make marketing your business easy.

340,000 words. That’s a LOT of words.  And it’s around what you can expect to write in content for your small business every year (social media posts, emails, web copy and blogs).

It’s not surprising it’s overwhelming.

I learned to write when I became a journalist, and now after honing my skills, I want to share my secrets.

I offer copywriting services and writing training – depending on whether you want to DIY or outsource.

You can instantly uplevel your skills using my FREE Social Sprinkles Checklist here – which gives away my 5 biggest writing secrets.

Enterprise Nation Award Winner Advisor of the Year badge won by Victoria Brown in 2022 in the PR and Content Category

Want to attract your perfect customers?

There’s no doubt about it…in an increasingly online world, it’s essential we use the power of words to connect with our potential customers.

Yet, so many business owners I speak to tell me they have nothing to say, they find writing difficult or a total snoozefest.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be hard! By learning a few simple techniques, you can make writing great emails, social media posts and web copy a doddle.  Which means an easier life for you, and more customers attracted to your business.

To learn how to make writing easier you can apply for 1-1 coaching here, or check out my shop here. 

Or…if you’d prefer to get it done for you – then I offer a done-for-you service. Just drop me a line here to find out more.

Your stories sell. And yes we all have stories.
Even you.

How Can I help you?

Online courses

Check out my easy-to-follow online courses to give you the marketing savvy and skills you need to see solid results for your creative business.

Power Hours

Need more tailored marketing support and advice?  Book a 1 on 1 Power Hour coaching session or bundle with me, where we can target specific things you want to work on and get quick results

Need information quickly?  Like yesterday? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Check out my library of downloadable guides and templates to help you get started fast.

Anyone can learn to write, you just need to know how. It's like learning to play the piano - you need to learn how and practise.


Need help to make great marketing fun and easy?

I’d love to answer any of your questions…just drop me a line and fire away!

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