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I’m Victoria Brown. I’m here to help you and I LOVE hearing how you’re doing.  So feel free to drop me a line and ask me any questions (or just say hello) at the following email address: Victoria@thevictoriabrown.com

I’m also on Instagram as @the_victoriabrown, if you want to drop in and see what I’m up to, and what we’re all chatting about on the gram.

Or pop your details on the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can…


  • “The fact that my about page is about my customer and not about me was a revelation! It seems obvious when you say it, but I hadn’t been thinking that way at all.”

    Rebecca Wilson – Eat me, keep me
  • “Victoria showed me a way of approaching an age old website must have in a new and interesting way.”

    Kate Smith, Kate Smith Jewellery
  • “This short course has given me fresh and exciting ideas to update. It’s a great benefit to have guidance from an expert marketer that has first-hand experience working as a jewellery designer-maker within our industry”

    Daisy Grice, Daisy Grice Jewellery
  • “The (Rock your about page) course was really useful.

    “It was delivered very effectively and everything explained well, with time for questions afterwards. The provision of a workbook was a great addition to be able to come back to the course going forward.”

    “I’ll definitely use the information in the future, and Victoria had some excellent insights.”

    Sine Vasquez – Sine Vasquez Jewellery
  • “Victoria packed a lot of information into an hour and I really appreciated her friendly, to-the-point, no nonsense delivery. The supporting materials are well organised and super useful and motivating.  I’d definitely book another training with her!”

    Kate Wood, Kate Wood Jewellery
  • “I’ve taken other summits and webinars, but this one was actually helpfull! The course was very well laid out, making it easy for my artist brain to follow and understand.  Plus her voice and lovely accent are really pleasant to listen to.”

    Lola Zyscovich, Lola Zyscovich Jewellery
  • “Victoria delivered the session with passion and conviction and it was evident that she has the knowledge and experience that you would expect from such a course.

    “The content of the course was an eye-opener but breaks it down into bite-size instructions and advice, which makes the daunting process so much more approachable.”

    Lorraine Hitt, Elsiem Jewellery

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