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I know that you've got like, no free time to market your business. So I want to help make it really easy!

I’ve been a jewellery designer. Finding the time to run your business AND create your products is hard enough. Then when you add LEARNING how to market your business and WORKING OUT how a strategy will work for you….well it could take you ages!

That’s why I offer personalised marketing coaching sessions to get you started with a tailored marketing plan JUST FOR YOU.

I couldn't believe it when I realised the secret to quick results...

Even with more than 15 years of communications experience (working for the BBC as a journalist, then in PR and communications for a large company), I still took me a while to actually realise the way to get quick results was….wait for it….ask for help!

Yes, I had a lot of marketing skills, but even with all my skills, it was still going to take me longer than I wanted to build my business.

Until I realised I could pay to learn someone else’s methods and get guaranteed results super-quickly! 

I mean, it sounds so obvious when you say it like that doesn’t it?! But it wasn’t obvious to me!

And the first time I made a big investment in myself it was scary.  But I KNEW I had to do something different.  I knew just doing the same things would get me the same results.

As soon as I made that investment, everything changed for me.  And I’d love to help you do the same.

Check out my coaching packages below to see how I can help you get results quickly.

There are three subjects I offer coaching on:
Instagram, email list building, brand strategy

3 types of coaching

Instagram is one of the best FREE ways of putting yourself and your business out there so that customers can actually find your products!  Let me review your Instagram account and teach you how to build your community on Instagram.

Did you know your email list is one of the most important assets in your business? If you don’t know where to start, or you need some ideas on how to make your list work for you, I can help you by teaching you how to get sales from your email list without the stress.

The ONLY way of building longevity for your business is by establishing a foundation and building a brand.   

I can help you build you a simple and personalised brand strategy that will attract your perfect customers in droves. 




INSTAGRAM MOT + BUNDLE OF 4 sessions: £490

It’s no secret I love Instagram.

I totally rate it as a jeweller’s platform because it’s so visual!  But so many people fall into the trap of seeing it as a SELLING PLATFORM, and then get disillusioned when they don’t sell on it.

I was the same, until I realised the ACTUAL POINT of Instagram.  And then I built an audience of a few thousand in less than a year, many of whom have gone on to buy from me.

It took me a while to suss out the way to make it work, but for the price of your cup of coffee for the next couple of weeks I can do an Instagram MOT for you.

For just £97 I spend time researching your very own Instagram account, come up with a personalised strategy that will work for you, and then go through it with you in a one-on-one coaching session.

It’s a whole done for you plan that you just have to implement…I couldn’t make it any easier!

To book your Instagram MOT now, just click here..

Email list

EMail list session: £105 for 45 mins (one-on-one coaching session on zoom)


How’s your email list?

What? You’ve not got one!  I hate to tell you this, but you’re missing out on the easiest way to serve and sell to your customers that there is.

By purely relying on them to remember you and come and buy from you when they’re ready, well you may as well bank on the lottery.

And if you haven’t already built a relationship with them via email? Well, you can kiss that lottery win goodbye.

Email marketing is the best way to not only stay in touch with your customers, but to also make your business sustainable in the long term.

I mean, how useful would it have been to contact your customers directly during the recent Coronavirus pandemic?  Are you starting to see the benefits?

But starting, building and maintaining an email list can be tricky, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Let me guide you through the minefield and come up with a tailored email list plan, especially for your business.

An email list session will cost you just £105, and you’ll probably make up the cost of that session by selling at least one pair of earrings!

Click here to find out more and book:

Brand strategy

BRAND session: £105 for 45 mins (one-on-one coaching session on zoom)


A brand strategy is one of the most important things you can put in place for your creative business.

And I’m not JUST talking about colours and fonts. No. we’re talking about the purpose of your business, who your ideal customer is and how you’re going to find and build a relationship with them so they become your loyal fans.

Of course, your brand look is a part of that, but brand is so much more.

A series of brand sessions with me will help you create:

* A tailored brand strategy for your business

* A solid foundation for your business

* A way of making all your marketing efforts much more effective.

For ALL of the above, a brand bundle will cost you just £490.  

Click here to book your session now: 

Sometimes I need support and guidance. That's why I've created a network of mentors and peers to help me learn and grow.


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We’ll discuss either by email or call what you need and which package is best for you. And then we can schedule in your sessions at a time that’s best for you.

Get ready to learn

I’ll tailor the content of the sessions to suit you and teach via Zoom. Afterwards you’ll come away with detailed notes and a plan of action which you can refer back to again and again.

Read more kind words from clients

  • “The fact that my about page is about my customer and not about me was a revelation! It seems obvious when you say it, but I hadn’t been thinking that way at all.”

    Rebecca Wilson – Rebecca Wilson Jewellery
  • “Victoria showed me a way of approaching an age old website must have in a new and interesting way.”

    Kate Smith, Kate Smith Jewellery
  • “This short course has given me fresh and exciting ideas to update, not just my about page but all of my online content – It is a great benefit to have guidance from an expert marketer that has first hand experience working as a jewellery designer-maker within our industry”

    Daisy Grice, Daisy Grice Jewellery
  • “The (Rock your about page) course was really useful.

    “It was delivered very effectively and everything explained well, with time for questions afterwards. The provision of a workbook was a great addition to be able to come back to the course going forward.”

    “I’ll definitely use the information in the future, and Victoria had some excellent insights.”

    Sine Vasquez – Sine Vasquez Jewellery
  • “The course was very well laid out, making it easy for my artist brain to follow and understand.  Plus her voice and lovely accent are really pleasant to listen to.  

    I’ve taken other summits and webinars, but this one was actually helpful.”

    Lola Zyscovich, Lola Zyscovich Jewellery
  • “Victoria delivered the session (Rock your about page course) with passion and conviction and it was evident that she has the knowledge and experience that you would expect from such a course.

    “The content of the course was an eye opener but breaks it down into bite size instructions and advice, which makes the daunting process so much more approachable.”

    Lorraine Hitt, Elsiem Jewellery
  • “Victoria is very humble and her specific focus on the existing (Instagram) account and how to make changes were invaluable.

    “Marketing coaching can sometimes be a little too intense, but Victoria’s natural and relaxed way made it a really enjoyable experience.”

    Metin Karakis, Trust & Co


Not sure how coaching could work for you?

I’d love to answer any of your questions…just drop me a line and fire away!

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