• The BEST thing you can do for your creative small business right now…

    A selection of multicoloured envelopes to represent email marketing - recommended by Victoria Brown for Creative Businesses

    Listen now: Summary: [Click here to save this episode to Pinterest] So what’s your backup plan? What you’re going to do if heaven forbid, we ended up having another lockdown, another pandemic? If there was another time that we couldn’t get out of the house to promote our businesses and talk about them, what would […]

  • How to declutter your creative business and life…

    Victoria Brown explains how to declutter your creative business and life - with the image of a simple desktop, with a pot plant and notepad with 2 pencils

    Listen now: Summary: [Click here to save this episode to Pinterest] Me? Doing a podcast episode on decluttering? You’ve got to be kidding! That’s what I would have said, even a few months ago. And to be honest, I’m going to lay my cards on the table right now. I am not a minimalist by […]

  • How to get your creative biz mojo back

    Feeling all at sea, especially around your creative business? Got a creative block and a lack of direction and motivation? It’s no surprise if you’re feeling out of sorts right now. So if you’re feeling like you’re on a rudderless boat in the middle of a particularly choppy storm, in shark-infested waters…then that’s absolutely normal. […]

  • Postnatal ambition

    “Your priorities will change”, they said. “Your career won’t matter any more.” On the first count they were right. But on the second they were oh, so wrong.