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  • How to connect better with your customers…

    Victoria Brown explains how to connect with your customers better, with an image of a customer sitting on a sofa with a laptop and colourful shopping bags

    Listen now: Summary: [Click here to save this episode to Pinterest] Hey there. So today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics. (Isn’t everything my favorite topic?!) And that’s how to connect better with your ideal customers.  How do you make that connection with your customers that’s so strong that they buy […]

  • How to avoid marketing overwhelm with your creative business…

    Victoria Brown explains how to create a marketing plan, so you can avoid marketing overwhelm, with an image of a woman at a table, head in hands and surrounding by a laptop and lots of bits of paper strewn everywhere

    Listen now: Summary: [Click here to save this episode to Pinterest] I’m going to ask you a question now and I want you to be really honest. How have you felt about planning your time these last twelve months? And I’m talking particularly about the way you plan your time around your marketing efforts in […]

  • Marketing plans made easy

    For many years I was extremely resistant to planning of any sort. Sound familiar? As a creative person who likes to go with the flow – I found it went against the grain and it didn’t make any logical sense to me, as things can change so much. That was until I realised that achieving […]

  • 3 easy steps you need to know to make your business digital

    I’m going to jump straight in and address the elephant in the room (hope you don’t mind me being direct, but that’s kinda my style!) So how’s business? Have things been really tough recently? If so, you’re not alone.  So many makers rely on selling their work in shops, markets and fairs. Which was working […]

  • 3 myths about Pinterest that aren’t true!

    Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. No doubt you’ll have considered all of these when it comes to getting your business out there and finding new customers. But have you ever thought about using Pinterest? Yes, you know, that platform where everyone goes and plans their weddings or their home renovation projects?  Or just occasionally might look up […]

  • Make 2020 the year of work/life balance

    I like to plan out my year on one page, month by month. I put what I’m doing in my business, my personal commitments and important moments for my customers.

  • Why you need a marketing strategy…even if you think you don’t

    You don’t have time for marketing? You’re getting on ok, aren’t you?  I mean, your head’s above water? So you get a bit busy around Christmas and you don’t have quite as many customers as you’d like.  But you haven’t got any more TIME to do a single thing! Sounds familiar? Well, can I ask […]