• The real reason you’re procrastinating

    Does something (or everything) on your to-do list simply never get done, because you’re procrastinating? Do you know you need to do something for your business, but somehow it always ends up at the bottom of the pile? Does a spot of procrasti-vacuuming seem oh-so-much more attractive than actually doing the things that you know […]

  • Guest spot: Is Etsy really worth it for high-end makers?

    If you’re a maker you’re told to go and sell on Etsy. But what if you’re not sure whether it’s right for you? What if you have a more high-end product? Is Etsy still the right place to set up shop? In this very first guest spot, Rebekah Ann from Rebekah Ann Jewellery tells us […]

  • Could you be part of a new look High Street?

    Have you ever wondered about selling your products on the High Street? Apart from the odd gallery and handmade-focused shops, you don’t traditionally see that many artisans selling their goods in town and city centres…and historically these have been more centred around the bigger chains.  But times are a-changing, and with some of those big […]