Pick and mix workshops

Pick and Mix the workshops you need to help you grow

Sometimes you just need a little boost.

It’s great to have add a little boost to your business every now and then. Because sometimes you need help with a particular thing and you don’t have time to commit to a longer course. Or you might want to top up in a specific area.  That’s why I created the Pick and Mix Workshops – a  mixture of targeted workshops focused on different things, to help you get going and teach you some handy shortcuts.  These are changing all the time, so check out what I’ve got coming up on my calendar below. Or check out the workshops I offer anytime access to, where you can get started straight away.


a system in a shop where you can choose a few of several
different small things, especially sweets.

£39.50 each

Upcoming Live Workshops - click below to book

More Live workshops coming soon - check back for updates or check out workshops with Anytime Access below.

Workshops with Anytime Access:

We’re all told storytelling is the best way of selling, but have you been told how to actually do it?  In this 90 mins workshop, find out about the three types of stories you need to be telling to sell more (and sell in a really natural, non-icky way) get my top storytelling tips, and actually start collating your story ‘bank’ which you can add to and draw from for years to come.

If you’re not using stories in your social media or emails then this workshop teaches you a really simple way of telling your stories so it will lead to more sales.

Click here to get ANYTIME ACCESS and notes.

Know the importance of email, but don’t know where to start with planning out your Christmas emails?  Don’t worry, this 90 mins workshop makes it easy.  Learn my easy technique to planning out your emails, and work alongside us on the workshop, so that at the end, you’ll have it all sussed out.

It might be the best 90 mins you ever spend as emails are proven to be the easiest way to sell to your customers.


How Does It Work?

1. Choose your workshop

Select from the above live and anytime access workshops.

2. Click to book

Click on whichever one takes your fancy (or more than one if you like) to book and pay your dosh. Once you’ve booked you should get a calendar invite (if it’s live) or access to the workshop (if it’s a recording)

3. Do the workshop!

Turn up for live workshop (if it’s live or do the recording (if it’s anytime access) and learn something new to boost your business.

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