• The real reason you’re procrastinating

    Does something (or everything) on your to-do list simply never get done, because you’re procrastinating? Do you know you need to do something for your business, but somehow it always ends up at the bottom of the pile? Does a spot of procrasti-vacuuming seem oh-so-much more attractive than actually doing the things that you know […]

  • Ep 8 Creative Slurp Podcast: 6 ways to declutter your business and life

    Listen here: Podcast notes: Feeling stuck? If you can’t seem to get momentum, or you feel stuck in a rut, then you may need to declutter your business (and your life!).   In this podcast episode (and blog) I take you through these SIX easy ways to help declutter and get your creative ideas flowing […]

  • Ep 6 Creative Slurp Podcast: What to do if you feel behind right now

    Listen here: Podcast notes: If you’re feeling the January blues right now more than ever before, don’t worry, we’ve been through a heck of a couple of years…you may just be feeling exhausted. If that’s the case, learn to recognise that and take a break. Don’t feel exhausted? But still feel stuck? It may be […]

  • Ep 1 Creative Slurp Podcast: The secret to making your plans work

    Listen here: Podcast notes: If you’re wondering why you’re always making plans for your business, but you find it impossible to stick to…then here’s why! Victoria Brown has been there, done that and bought the proverbial t-shirt and has worked out why so much tried and tested ‘planning advice’ is doomed to fail. Find out […]

  • Ep 4 Creative Slurp Podcast: How to make 2022 YOUR year

    Listen here: Podcast notes: Worried 2022 might end up being as pants as 2021? Are you scared of making any resolutions this year in case they come to nothing? Here are my five steps for making your biggest goals happen this year and making 2022 YOUR year: You CAN do this,  you just need to […]