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  • Ep 3 Creative Slurp Podcast: How to avoid marketing overwhelm

    Listen here: Podcast notes: Are you trying to juggle all the marketing plates and they’re crashing on the floor? You need to be focused on what works best for you, and stop trying to do too much! Here I teach you how to create a simple marketing plan for your business, so you can stop […]

  • 3 easy steps you need to know to make your business digital

    I’m going to jump straight in and address the elephant in the room (hope you don’t mind me being direct, but that’s kinda my style!) So how’s business? Have things been really tough recently? If so, you’re not alone.  So many makers rely on selling their work in shops, markets and fairs. Which was working […]

  • 33 simple ways to grow your email list

    There’s no doubt. Growing an email list is THE most important thing you can do for your business.  If you have an engaged email list then you have got a group of fans ready and excited to buy your next product. It’s the number one way to make your creative business sustainable, no matter what […]

  • Why your free email address is costing your business…

    I get it. A free email account can be soooo attractive when you’re starting out.  You’re watching every penny and you don’t want to spend on anything you don’t need to.  I know, because I was totally the same!  But what you might not realise is that your free email address is holding you back […]