• Ep 7 Creative Slurp Podcast: How to connect better with your customers

    Listen here: Podcast notes: Do you either struggle to sell or find selling leaves you cold and empty? Then you need to build a better connection with your customers! Building a connection with your ideal customers, not only helps you make more sales, but it feels more natural and less ‘icky’.  Find out the two […]

  • How to find your perfect customer on Pinterest

    Pinterest is broken.  It’s not for me. Pinterest doesn’t work for businesses.  It’s only about wedding planning and interiors. I’ve heard all these things said about Pinterest.  And the thing is, none of them are true. Yes, Pinterest is partly about weddings and interiors, but that’s FAR from the full story.  In fact, if you […]

  • How to attract the right customers for you

    Do you have a favourite customer? You know, the one that made making a commission an absolute breeze?  The one that you LOVE working with? The one that if only you could have another hundred of them you’d NEVER feel stressed again? They pay on time, they have some ideas, but listen to your advice.  […]