Social Sprinkles mini-course


Fed up with writing content? Never know what to write?

Give me a few hours and I’ll help transform your written content – showing you how to give it added colour and crunch – just like sprinkles on a cupcake. Yum.

This SOCIAL SPRINKLES MINI-COURSE is designed to give you my 5 secrets to instantly transforming your writing, all in just a couple of hours!


Buh-bye, blank page

When you’re not confident in your own writing ability, you’re going to feel even more intimidated by that big, blank white page.  The ideas will never come if you don’t believe you have it in you to write – but I believe ANYONE can learn to write well.  And I’m the proof.  I hated writing at school, but learned to love it after becoming a journalist.  Then when I moved into the corporate world, people started to come to me for advice.

Now I love it and I want to share with you my 5 golden rules – or ‘sprinkles’ which helped me and will instantly transform your written copy into something you’ll be proud of.

I share them here in my SOCIAL SPRINKLES MINI-COURSE, which will walk you through my 5 sprinkles – Chattify, Cherry on top, Simplify, Stories, and Your Voice and take you through some exercises to help you get used to using them. They will make writing your content easy and fun!

Easy and fun? Can writing for your business really be like this?

Well, yes! When you start using my 5 secret ‘sprinkles’ to add colour and crunch to your copy, you’ll realise it can.

340, 000 words.

That’s a LOT of words! Well, 12 blog posts a year, 365 Instagram or Facebook posts, your website home page, about page and 24 emails, to be precise! And it’s what on average you’ll need to write for your business in a year. So it makes sense to get good at writing – as it will not only help attract more customers, but it will also make your life so much easier if you’re confident in what you’re writing.  And as that confidence increases, you’ll probably get a lot quicker too!

The mini-course comes in an easy-to-use pdf format – which you can download and keep. There are also some bonus video lessons that you can access by clicking on the digital version of the pdf.

The whole thing takes just a few hours to complete and could transform the way you write forever.

Why doing it yourself is essential at the start…

Yes, you CAN outsource all your written content, but it may be a while until you can do that. And learning to do it properly yourself and develop your own voice is vital before you get someone else on board to do it for you. Writing content for your business is a really important skill – it’s how so many people come across your business for the first time, and make the decision whether they want to find out more. 

Above you can see a sneak peek of just a few of the pages inside the workbook – there’s actually a total of 37 pages.  They take you step-by-step through the process of uplifting your writing and instantly giving it added colour and crunch – just like the sprinkles on an actual cupcake!

Once you buy the workbook, you can download it straight away and keep it forever, to refer to whenever you like.

You’ll get: a complete mini-course, which includes:

  • A 37-page step-by-step workbook to the 5 secret sprinkles of writing great copy for your business.
  • Easy to follow video lessons.
  • Easy exercises which walk you through how to do it yourself.

Once you’ve bought this it’s up to you when and how you complete it – as all the content is pre-recorded in small bitesize chunks.  So, if you want to binge in one sitting of a few hours (like a giant cupcake) then that’s fine.  But if you want to split the sprinkles up into chapters, like small slices, then that’s fine too!

If you’re serious about saving time on writing content, using it to attract new customers (and actually enjoying writing it) – then wrap your chops around this tasty mini-course tout de suite.


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