The Creative’s Productivity Toolbox 2023


“I want to feel organised with my to-do list and make the planning habit stick beyond a few days.”

Introducing the Creative’s Productivity Toolbox –

a 52 page easy-to-use goal setter and planner you’ll actually use.


“I want to feel organised with my to-do list and make the planning habit stick beyond a few days.”

Sound familiar?

You know how it goes.  You’re so excited to be at the beginning of a sparkling new year – with a clean slate, a fresh set of goals and a renewed sense of commitment to my business, your goals and your success.  You’ve GOT this! 

Then, you get a little overwhelmed by everything you need to do in your shiny new planner at the end of the month, and you put off reviewing your goals.  Then because you don’t see the progress you don’t even bother setting any more goals or taking action. You end up in a vicious circle of despair.

Before you know it – urgh – that sinking feeling as you turn over the calendar feeling like a failure, wondering how it’s the 1st of December already?

You look over at the pile of previously discarded planners and realise (sadly) that this one will also be added to the pile. And you’re no closer to achieving those new year goals than you were in January.

It sucks.

Imagine instead having a planner that’s simple and easy to follow, is flexible to your needs and is designed around your wonderfully creative brain.

It’s so easy to use, you keep on top of it, and actually end up using it! This means the goals you set at the start of the year are already reached by September. It helps you to form a planning habit you can actually stick to, and you feel in complete control.

Introducing the Creative’s Productivity Toolbox – the planner you’ll actually use.


Designed with the Creative business owner in mind, this digital planner has been created to give you flexibility around how you plan for your business – you can use it in the way that works for you.

Dream big goals for the year and learn how to actually make them into a reality using digital yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goal-setting and planning tools and see your whole life at a glance in the Work/life balance wall planner. If you’re a visual person, there’s even doodle space, a printable wall calendar and printable inspirational wall prints to keep you going.

You can either use the Toolbox digitally or print it out – it’s completely up to you.  And you’ll be able to download it as soon as you buy it, so you can get started on that goal-setting right away.

Need help with some goal-setting inspiration? The toolbox also includes a FREE goal-setting workshop which will hold your hand and take you through how to set the right goals for the coming year.


“I’ve just completed the goal-setting workshop with Victoria and found it amazingly helpful.

I feel like I can head into the new year with much more clarity and organisation!”

Sarah, Ipoppet Designs


What you get in the toolbox:

  • Work/life balance wall printable planner
  • Dream Big 2023 goal setter printable tool
  • Monthly review and planner printable
  • Weekly planner printable
  • Daily and hourly printable planners
  • Idea park printable
  • Doodle dump printable

Plus bonuses:

  • LIVE ‘Make 2023 YOUR year goal-setting workshop’ for accountability
  • Tip top productivity hacks
  • 2022 monthly calendar printable
  • Inspirational wall print printables

2023 could be YOUR year…grab your Creative’s Productivity Toolbox now for your most productive year ever.




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