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Want to help a small business grow?

Become a voluntary mentor for the Help to Grow: Management Course and commit 10 hours over 12 weeks to support businesses with their growth action plan. You may be working as an employee, a founder, a trusted expert or an adviser, and looking to get involved in this national effort to boost small businesses' performance.
What do you get in return? Free mentor training and the chance to change someone's life.

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Frequently asked q's

Who are the mentees? 

The mentees are small business owners or an employee of a small business who is in a leadership position, who’ve taken part in the Government’s Help to Grow Management Scheme.

How do mentors connect with a mentee? 

That match takes place on Enterprise Nation. You will be matched to mentees based on locality and area of expertise i.e. if you are based in the West Midlands and a marketing expert, you will be matched to mentees from the region who are looking for this expertise. 

How do mentors support a mentee? 

The mentor will guide the mentee through a growth action plan. Do mentors and mentees meet in person? This is for you and the mentee to decide. You will be matched via the Enterprise Nation platform and can arrange sessions through the platform. 

Can mentors mentor more than one person? 

Yes. After you have completed your first mentee engagement, you can opt to do another. 

How does mentoring help me? 

87% of mentors and mentees say that their mentoring relationships make them feel empowered to develop a more prominent sense of confidence in themselves [Source: Moving Ahead]. All mentors also benefit from training from the Association of Business Mentors. 

Who is delivering the mentoring programme? 

The programme is being delivered by a partnership of Newable, Enterprise Nation and the Association of Business Mentors. Enterprise Nation is responsible for recruiting mentors and making the match between mentor and mentee. 

What is the process of becoming a mentor? 

Mentors sign up on the Enterprise Nation platform, they will then be contacted by the Association of Business Mentors to book in a suitability call and a training session. Once they have completed their training, they will go live on the mentor match on the platform and participants on the Help to Grow: Management Course can select them as their mentors. Mentors can approve or deny mentor requests. Mentors will be kept updated by email on the progress of their matches.

Still have questions? Find more information here or contact to speak to someone.


I completely fell into mentoring and coaching by accident. On a mission to help independent jewellers’ voices (and amazing work) be seen and heard, I ended up sharing my skills.  This lead to coaching them, and I got completely addicted!

After going through the Help to Grow mentoring programme myself, I’m now working with Enterprise Nation to help them spread the word, as it’s such a great opportunity for you to try mentoring and make a real difference. 

I really do believe that mentoring a small business will not only help them to grow, but it will help you to grow, too.

Why not give it a try and sign up to be a mentor today? 

could you help a small business to grow?

Apply to be a mentor with Enterprise Nation and The Association of Business Mentors.

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