Exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with makers, designers and artists – from what inspires them to how they create their work.

  • Spotlight on: Emma Morris

    I first spotted Emma’s playful designs on Instagram – I just love how much fun they are, with their bright colours and unusual structures.  It’s not hard to see she’s inspired by playgrounds! It just goes to show that you really can be inspired by anything. How would you describe your jewellery? My jewellery’s visually […]


  • Spotlight on: Miranda Sharpe

    A pop of colour on a piece of jewellery can really make it special.  So when I first saw Miranda Sharpe’s designs, they really drew my eye.  She uses vitreous enamel, but in a really modern way. I spotted her pieces at the Jewellery Quarter Open Studios, in Birmingham and fell in love with the […]


  • Spotlight on: Kate @ Align

    I first came across Kate’s work on Instagram.  It immediately appealed to me because of its geometric influences, and I wasn’t at all surprised to later find out that Kate originally trained as an architect.  This just demonstrates the power of social media to bring people together. After all, with Kate living in Scotland and […]


  • Spotlight on: Isla Gilham

    I came across Isla’s amazing work online, after she won a jewellery industry award for being ‘one to watch’.  I immediately loved the playfulness and fun of her designs and how she’d approached designing with gemstones in a totally unique way!  It made me wonder about her influences and where she gets her original ideas […]


  • Spotlight on: Kate Smith

    I came across Kate Smith’s beautiful designs on a visit to her studio during Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter Open Studios two years ago. She was so enthusiastic, warm and welcoming and was clearly passionate about designing and creating jewellery for her lucky customers. I’m delighted that she’s the first designer to be featured on The Jewellery […]