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  • Win FREE publicity for your biz!

    How would you like a free advert for your business? I’m offering you just that!  You see, every year, around this time, I put together my popular Productivity Toolbox (basically a downloadable set of biz planning tools for the next year), and the last couple of years it’s included a digital A4 calendar. I sat down to create the […]

  • Guest spot: Is Etsy really worth it for high-end makers?

    If you’re a maker you’re told to go and sell on Etsy. But what if you’re not sure whether it’s right for you? What if you have a more high-end product? Is Etsy still the right place to set up shop? In this very first guest spot, Rebekah Ann from Rebekah Ann Jewellery tells us […]

  • Spotlight on: Alice Fry

    Ever heard of niobium? Me neither! In this week’s Spotlight, we meet Alice Fry who uses this unusual material in her jewellery.  Her work’s inspired by the natural minerals and crystals and she tells us why Sheffield and Derbyshire hold a special place in her heart… Where do you live and what do you love […]

  • Spotlight: Rowan Bridgwood

    Did you ever think that embroidery could be used to embody political views?  Well, that’s one of the topics that embroidery artist Rowan Bridgwood explores in her work.  In this week’s Spotlight blog post, she explains how embroidery becomes a language for her, to voice what her words can’t. She also uses it as a […]

  • Spotlight: Jo Irvine Jewellery

    In this week’s Spotlight interview, we’re featuring Jo from Jo Irvine Jewellery.  Like so many other makers, Jo actually started off in a different creative industry and fell into jewellery by chance! She’s had her jewellery described as, “Quiet statement jewellery”, and is inspired by a mix of urban landscapes and countryside sunsets. Read more […]

  • Spotlight: Sally Cuthbert of Littlehouse Jewellery

    In this week’s spotlight, we talk to Sally Cuthbert from Littlehouse Jewellery. She talks about table jewellery and her love of shapes and Edinburgh… Where do you live and what do you love about it? I live in Edinburgh, right in the centre. I was born here, went to school and art college here and […]

  • Spotlight: Vinca Brown of Loomiere Weaves

    Today the spotlight goes to Vinca Brown of Loomiere Weaves… her work is so gorgeous, I can’t believe she’s only been weaving for four years! I just love it’s vibrancy. She talks about splitting her time between the East End and Kent and weaving her way through lockdown. Where do you live and what do […]

  • 3 myths about Pinterest that aren’t true!

    Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. No doubt you’ll have considered all of these when it comes to getting your business out there and finding new customers. But have you ever thought about using Pinterest? Yes, you know, that platform where everyone goes and plans their weddings or their home renovation projects?  Or just occasionally might look up […]

  • The one big secret to Instagram

    Ok, hands up.  Honesty time. Who went and set up an Instagram account for their business because, well, someone told you should?  Did someone say to you, “You sell your stuff? Well you need to be on Instagram then.”  And then did you just go and set up your account, but not really know why? […]

  • 3 big myths about Instagram that may be holding you back

    If you’ve been using Instagram for a while and not getting results, I hear you.  It can be tricky if things aren’t working for you and you can’t understand why.  But it could just be that you’ve got the wrong information! Believing the wrong things about Instagram will get you the wrong results. But with […]