• How to find YOUR brand voice for your creative business

    Listen to Creative Slurp Podcast: Summary: [Click here to save this episode to Pinterest] Your ‘brand tone of voice’. That’s something you’ve probably heard, but you might not know how to go about finding it. How the heck do you find the tone of voice that’s right for you and your brand – with just […]

  • My five EASY secrets to great writing for creative business owners


    Listen now: Summary: [Click here to save this episode to Pinterest] 3400 words. That’s a lot of words, isn’t it? But that’s about what you write in content for your small business every year. That includes things like social media posts for one social platform, blog posts, website copy, emails, all that kind of […]

  • Could you be part of a new look High Street?

    Have you ever wondered about selling your products on the High Street? Apart from the odd gallery and handmade-focused shops, you don’t traditionally see that many artisans selling their goods in town and city centres…and historically these have been more centred around the bigger chains.  But times are a-changing, and with some of those big […]