I think it’s fairly safe to say 2020 was a bonkers year in many ways. And if it’s taught us anything, it’s the art of resilience and how to use the little things to stay positive and improve our wellbeing.

Just like you, I’m always on the look out for the small things I can do to make my life more positive and productive, and because I love to share the tips I pick up, here here are 5 things I do to stay more positive every day (every little helps, I promise!):

5 things you can do to stay more positive…

Be grateful

  • Have a gratitude practice…this sounds way more complicated than it actually is.  It basically means I write down 3 things I’m grateful for every day.  I find that you’re never going to be happy with your big achievements if you’re not content with what you’ve got right now.  So I try to count my blessings and remember all the amazing things that make me smile every day.

Move more

  • Pretty boring I know, but the more I move, the more I feel upbeat.  I’ve currently been rocking the podwalk (listening to my fave podcasts on my walk) and doing the Joe Wicks workouts regularly. And you know what, I get SO many business-related ideas pop into my head on my walks!

Start a regular practice

  • It’s related to moving, but since I joined an online Qi Gong class during the Digital Craft Festival last week, I’ve been regularly joining in most mornings.  I find the gentle movement, the sense of community and self-awareness it brings really helps centre me for the day.  Check out @theqigang on Instagram if you want to have a go. The classes are free and live on Instagram every day at 8am.

Get chilly

  • Cold showers – now this sounds pretty horrendous (and I’ll be honest, I’ve only been trying this the last few days) but it genuinely seems to work! The idea is that a cold shower will stimulate your circulation (and give you a truck-load of other health benefits, so that you feel alert and calmer throughout the day. I haven’t yet had a WHOLE cold shower, so far it’s just been about 20 seconds of cold water at the end of my normal hot shower. But it definitely seems to be working. I feel more alert and less congested, so I’m going to keep going with it. The idea is that you can gradually increase how long you spend in the cold water as your tolerance increases. I find this whole subject fascinating, and anything that promises me health benefits like that, is free, doesn’t take too long and isn’t too uncomfortable, well I’m willing to give it a go! Look up Wim Hof, who’s got loads of information on this and a free training if you’re interested.

Be more mindful

  • Find a mindful activity...for a long time over the last few years I’ve been spending every waking moment on my laptop. Working on my blog and business in the evenings (not good I know) became the norm, but on my birthday this year I had a whole day off (shocker!). This made me realise just how much I need that time not really doing anything.  So I invested in a beautiful Emily Peacock cross-stitch kit to work on in the evenings when I want to relax. And I find it brilliant for switching off my mind.  Other great activities for mindfulness include other crafts, jigsaws, playing music or baking – whatever floats your personal boat.

So that’s what I’m doing right now to help stay positive – what are your positivity secrets? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear YOUR top tips for staying mentally tip top!