Don’t you just lurrrve hashtags? Eh? What do you mean, you don’t see the point of them?!  There’s just SO much you can do with hashtags, that I bet you don’t even realise you’re not using them to their full potential. 

I’m guessing you put a load of hashtags in your posts and cross your fingers that people will find you.  That’s all fine and dandy.  But it all rather relies on other people taking the action.  It’s kind of like sitting in the car and expecting someone else to turn the ignition key, and to succeed in business you’ve gotta do the driving if you want to make your dreams happen. 

No, there’s another way you should be using hashtags too, and you’re going to love it! First of all you’ve got to understand how hashtags work. 

They’re basically just a search tool that people can use to find posts about things they’re interested in.  For example, people who want to find posts about chocolate teapots may search #chocolateteapot. Right? 
So that’s why we put hashtags on our posts – so that people searching for those hashtags can find our post – simple. And we should totally be doing this. 

But that’s just ONE WAY of using hashtags.  There’s another way to use them and it’s even better, because it involves YOU having the control.

But have you thought about actually using hashtags to search for your ideal customer?

Boom!  I told you it was a good one. 

Yup.  Hashtags can be used by our customers to search for subjects, but they can also be used by us to find OUR customers…and these hashtags will probably be completely different from the ones our customers are searching for.

This is where having a really clear idea of who your ideal customer (the people who actually put down cash to buy from you, not just the people who say your stuff is pretty) is really helps.. a lot.

You can find out what hashtags your ideal customer is using to find their posts and then comment on their posts…hence starting a conversation and building a relationship with your potential new customers! 

Great, eh?! Because here’s the thing… you don’t need to sit around waiting for your customers to come to you…you can actually proactively go and seek them out!   I get what you’re thinking right now…you’re thinking, “Eek, I don’t want to just talk to one of my potential customers out of the blue, I don’t want to bother them!” 
But this is just you subconscious talking, trying to keep you in your comfort zone, so listen to that voice (for like a second) and then tell it shut the heck up! The thing is, if someone’s Instagram account is public, then they WANT you to comment. 

Just like you want comments on your Instagram account, they do too. Just put some encouraging words on their posts and start a conversation. It could just be the start of a beautiful friendship, or a future customer. Do this repeatedly to several people a few times a week, and you’ll soon build your audience and your customer base. Ta dah! Brilliant, eh? 

Want to learn more about hashtags?

If you like this tip then you’re going to absolutely love what I’m working on at the moment.  It’s my “Ultimate Hashtag Guide” which will completely demystify hashtags and bring new people to your business.  I believe using hashtags correctly is the number one way of finding new customers (unless you use paid ads) So really understanding hashtags properly is the key to growing your business. 

Look out for the hashtag guide.  It’s coming your way in the next few weeks.