I get it.

A free email account can be soooo attractive when you’re starting out.  You’re watching every penny and you don’t want to spend on anything you don’t need to. 

I know, because I was totally the same!  But what you might not realise is that your free email address is holding you back from growing your dream business. And you probably don’t even realise.

Here are three reasons why your free email is costing your business:

1. Emails from free email accounts get sent to spam.

Think about it.  What do spammers generally use to send spammy emails and even harmful viruses?  Usually, it’s free email accounts. Just as you find it cheap and easy to use a free account, so do they. So junk filters are primed to send emails from free accounts to the junk box, which means your customer may never even see them.

2. Emails from a free email address can make you appear amateur or untrustworthy to your customers.

The whole point of marketing online is to build your ‘know, like and trust’ factor with your potential customers.  But sending an email from a free account can look unprofessional and even untrustworthy to those customers who you’re trying to build a relationship with.

3. Paying for your email address makes you feel more professional and gives you skin in the game.

Hear me out on this one. It may sound a bit woo-woo if you’ve never considered the role your mind plays in your business.  But believe me when I say that one of the biggest things holding you back in your business is yourself. Fear is always there ready to swoop in when you’re trying new things. It’s oh so easy to give up.  But committing to a paid email account will force you to take your business seriously, as you’ve invested money in it now. This keeps you accountable and makes it harder to give up.

So now I’ve convinced you that you need your own email address, what’s the best way of getting your own personalised email address…one that makes you look professional and doesn’t cost too much?

The answer is Gsuite.  A Gsuite account (by Google) will give you not only your own personalised email address, but it will also give you a whole virtual office in the cloud, where you can store all of your business documents – from spreadsheets, to blog posts and design work.  And because it’s in the cloud you can access it anywhere. I absolutely swear by this myself, and recommend it to all my friends.  And because we’re friends now, I wanted you to know about it too.

And the best thing about Gsuite, is that it’s probably the best bargain you will ever buy for your business – because the price for a basic account is just $6, which works out at around £4 something per month.  It’s about the same price as one cup of posh coffee.

I don’t think you’ll ever find another tool that does as much for so little!  

To get hold of your Gsuite account, all you need is a domain (if you don’t have one yet, just check out Go Daddy, you can pick one up for around £10 a year) and then click here to sign up for your Gsuite account, which will take you through setting up your own email address step by step.

If you stay with your free email address, I reckon you’d lose far more in sales than you will pay for your Gsuite account, because your own email address will definitely help you make more than an extra fiver a month!

So what are you waiting for?  Stop using your free email for your business, and take your business to another level.