Pinterest is such an amazing platform at helping you to promote your business…not only is it really a search engine in disguise, it’s also full of people who make the purchasing decisions and are in the right frame of mind to buy.

And it’s a brilliant traffic booster! In just three months Pinterest gets the same amount of traffic to my website as every other social media platform and search engine COMBINED!  Yes, the free traffic I get from Pinterest is insane and I want to help you get the same. It’s also easier than any other platform to have a pin go viral, as long as you’re consistent and follow my secret formula…and when I say viral…how does more than 21 thousand views of JUST ONE PIN sound?! That’s exactly what I got within a few weeks of following the formula below.

So, how do you create pins that perform well…i.e. get people clicking onto your website…and even go viral?

Firstly, there are three types of pins:

  • Content pins – These point to a piece of content – like a blog, podcast or article. When you click on them, you get taken to the relevant piece of content.
  • Freebie pins – These advertise a freebie you’ve created to encourage people to sign up to your email list. When you click on them you get taken to an email list sign up form.
  • Product pins – These advertise a product (lifestyle images usually do the best on Pinterest) and when you click on them you get taken directly to buy the product in an online shop.

All of these different pins have a lot of the same elements to make them successful.

Here’s a handy checklist for what you need on the perfect pin:

  • A website url at the bottom (so people know it’s your image).
  • An eye catching image (to attract people’s attention).
  • A bold and catchy heading and subheading (for blog and freebie pins, optional for product pins).
  • A colour palette in your brand colours and fonts.
  • A description and title using keywords your customer is searching for.

To design your pins, simply go to a design app like Canva (which is totally free for a basic account), pick a Pinterest template and make sure all the above elements are included.

Then, simply download your pins from Canva and upload them into Pinterest.  Voila!  Easy to create and quality pins that will get more traffic to your website.

Click here to sign up for your free Canva account – you won’t regret it!  It makes creating beautiful design work for your business super easy – and it’s one of my favourite apps.  It really does take your brand to another level.  

And to help you build the perfect pin, I’ve put together this step by step guide on how to build the perfect pin here – in my ‘Pins to go template toolkit‘.  This Toolkit takes you through how to build the perfect, traffic-boosting pin AND I’ve even thrown in some pin templates for you to use!  Using this toolkit makes creating your Pinterest strategy super simple and quick and gets you started in no time!

Click here to get your hands on the toolkit:

Have you been pinning yet? What kind of pins do you see the most success with?