Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. No doubt you’ll have considered all of these when it comes to getting your business out there and finding new customers.

But have you ever thought about using Pinterest?

Yes, you know, that platform where everyone goes and plans their weddings or their home renovation projects?  Or just occasionally might look up some recipes.  Yes, THAT Pinterest.

No, I haven’t gone crazy…using Pinterest as a business tool is a legit way to drive bundles of traffic to your website, if you know how to do it properly.

So let’s debunk 3 myths about Pinterest (besides the fact it’s so much more than a wedding and interiors inspo tool!)

MYTH 1 It’s a social media platform

Yes, right about now you probably think I’ve completely lost it.  But Pinterest is not REALLY a social media tool at all, it’s actually a search engine in disguise!  Just think about how you use it.  You go on there to search for specific subjects (just like you would on Google) and get a load of recommendations.  And although other people have accounts on there, you don’t really go on there to engage with other people.  So if you think about it, it’s much more like a search engine that it is a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram (where you actively go to encourage conversations). 

So what does this mean for you?  It means that people are LOOKING FOR YOUR PRODUCTS.  They are using Pinterest as a DISCOVERY TOOL to find new brands – brands like yours (because yes, if you sell a product then you have a brand).  People are actively searching for the things YOU’RE selling. So as long as they can find them easily, they are ready and waiting to engage with you, and even to buy.  This is an absolute game changer if you run a business. And you could be missing out on so many potential customers if you don’t use Pinterest for business!

MYTH 2 – It’s about followers

On Pinterest you might be frustrated that you don’t have many followers. But this isn’t a problem on Pinterest, as that’s not what it’s about!  What you actually want is people to save your pins and ultimately to click on them to visit your website.  The goal of using Pinterest is to use it as a search engine to DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE.  And this is what it is excellent at.  So if you don’t have loads of followers, honestly it doesn’t matter.

MYTH 3 – Managing Pinterest on top of your social media platforms will take too much of your time

This is the totally amazing thing about Pinterest.  Unlike Instagram and Facebook – which can take up a few hours of your time – Pinterest can take up to an hour of your time a week – max.  You can literally set it and forget it.  Once you’ve set up all your boards and account correctly and have a set of good pin templates, you’re away.  You can batch create your pins once a week and then upload them using Tailwind and you’re done!  It is easier and quicker than ANY other social media platform I’ve ever used before.  AND it gets amazing results as it encourages people to click off the platform far more easily than any other platform too.  ALL great news for business owners like you!

So what do you reckon? Have your views on Pinterest changed? Are you thinking about giving it a go?

Well I’ve got just the thing! 

I’ve produced a FREE Pinterest strategy roadmap, which you can download here.  It will walk you through the basic steps to get you up and running on Pinterest, and start driving more customers to your business.

And here are some tools to help you on your Pinterest journey…