Do you ever get the feeling that certain kinds of activities flow better at some times that others?

Sometimes we feel the need to grow, sometimes we feel the need to connect and other times we feel like it’s an achievement to just tread water!

I definitely feel different at different times in my life, according to what’s happening in my personal life, my professional life and to other people around me.

Are you the same?

I’ve also found that when I’m in one of these seasons, the only thing I can do is to go with the flow. Fighting it, or going against the tide just doesn’t work…you’ve GOT to go with your intuition about what feels right.

For instance, when you’re nurturing a baby, it’s probably not the right season for you to go back to college as all your energy and focus will be on nurturing.  And when some major event happens, which turns our life upside down (like right now), it’s bound to change your priorities. You can’t fight this…or you’d probably go a bit crazy.  So it’s best to work out what works best for you at this time, and lean into that.

And so what I’ve noticed about this whole Covid19 season, is that it’s a great time for three things:

  • Personal growth
  • Decluttering
  • Trying new things

From observing others and paying attention to my own feelings, I’ve noticed these three areas are what comes naturally to me AND to other people.

So what is it about the situation we’re now that encourages us to do these three new things?

There are fewer options

Well I believe it’s a lot about our world.  Our own personal lives (in many cases) have become less complex.  The daily commute has been taken away, choice about how we spend our time has been removed.  We have FEWER OPTIONS….which gives us a clearer mind and more headspace to pursue more things.

There is no longer a ‘normal’

The rulebook has been thrown out.  Any preconceptions about what we SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do, have been thrown out of the window.  This is not a normal situation, and we are embracing things we wouldn’t normally do.

Take me, for example. I’ve been embracing video calling and creating videos for the jewellery spot and just feel a bit braver about putting myself forward more.  As an introvert, I would never usually choose to push myself out there as much as I am now. But I feel the rulebook has gone and it’s time to experiment with some new opportunities.

I believe trying new things comes much more naturally at the moment. We’ve got the time and the headspace to try new things and our new (very limited) routine may even be making us a little bit bored. We’re searching for new activities and ways to stretch ourselves.

It’s easier to look inwards

We’ve become much more INTROSPECTIVE too. Our worlds have become so much smaller that we’re looking inwards far more, and I certainly have become much more aware of my mindset and am finding it easier to find the thoughts that aren’t serving me.  I’ve gained a huge amount of clarity from this whole situation. We’re being taught a lesson about what’s important and we’re finally in the space to listen.

The urge to clean and clear away

And decluttering.  Who’s felt the urge to clear their garden, clear out their cupboards, give the kitchen a big scrub.  Partly because we’re at home all the time and we can’t block out the mess, but I also think there’s a deeper urge to declutter our minds and make life much simpler again.  

Do ever think life has just got too busy? Well I think we all do, deep down.  And we sense this is an opportunity to clear out the clutter and live simpler, happier lives. Not that I’d want to stay in lockdown forever, but I think it’s a great opportunity to be a bit more aware of ourselves, and the world around us.

So how can this help your jewellery business?

Well you should be making the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity (yes I see it as an opportunity) to declutter our businesses, try new things and work on our mindset.

This was great timing for me personally, as I started a new course just before this all started.  It was brilliant timing because this particular course has a big focus not only on learning and trying new things, but also being aware of my mindset and building new virtual networks.

It’s given me a new virtual network to lean on, new skills to learn and focus on and taught me an awareness of my own mindset.

So I’d encourage you to do the same. Your business may have been hit hard by this crisis, but there are still some positives you can take away from all this.

You can try new things…you can look inside yourself and try to notice the limiting beliefs that may no longer be serving you.  And you can declutter and tidy up your business. From your accounts, to your business plan and even your digital marketing materials.

Use this time wisely as a time to regroup, weed out what’s not working for you. Then get ready for a new chapter.  That way when things get back to normal (which they will, eventually), our businesses and ourselves will be ready for a new chapter and in a position to take ourselves forwards to new heights.

If you need some ideas of how to grow your business at this time, why not take a look at spring cleaning your digital marketing materials?

Here is a brand new kit to help you:

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  • Analyse what works for you and your customers
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So there we are.  There really are some positives to be taken from this weird time we’re living in right now.  Without question it’s been tough. And we’re being pushed to our limits.

But I firmly believe THERE IS ALWAYS A SILVER LINING in EVERY SITUATION. You just need to look out for it.

Just pay attention to yourself, and what feels right. 

Find your silver lining.

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