Want to build a lasting connection with your perfect customers, so they not only buy, but keep coming back to you?

How’s your ‘about page’ looking?  You know, that page that most people visit the FIRST time they go to your website?

So why the heck is your about page so important?

If you do it right, then that page can be the secret to unlocking a potentially long running relationship with your customers. Do it wrong? Well then you’ve done ALL the hard work getting people to your website in the first place, and then you might never see them again.  EVEN IF THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!

Unfair?  Well it is a bit.  But here’s the thing.  It’s a pretty easy fix!

Here’s three common mistakes that people make on their ‘about’ page:

  • You make it about you.

If you thought your about page is about YOU, that’s where you’re going wrong.  Because here’s the thing: your about page isn’t about you, it’s actually about your CUSTOMER.  It’s the first place your customer goes when they want to know if your brand is the perfect fit for them. If you don’t talk to them about the things they’re looking for, in a way that resonates with them, then they’ll just click off.  Nothing personal, they’ve just got like a bajillion other things to do! So what you need to do is give them what they’re looking for, in a conversational and connecting way. This will help build a connection with them.

  • You make it a chronological biography.  

It’s not inspiring, it doesn’t connect . Now don’t get me wrong, there’s always a time and place to prove to people how amazing your brand is…I mean part of marketing is to prove to people you’re trustworthy.  And one way of doing this is to let people know you’re qualified or have x amount of awards. However, what your about page should never, ever become is a version of your CV. Part of the purpose of your about page is to build a connection, so therefore it should be conversational and written in the first person.  So that your potential customer feels like a valued friend.

  • Where are the photos?

Sometimes we concentrate so much on the words (don’t get me wrong, they’re very important) but we forget to think about the visuals.  A picture tells a thousand stories, so you need to use this. And yes. At LEAST one of the photos should be a photo of YOU. How on earth is your customer going to connect with you and your brand, if you don’t show your face?  At the least it looks a bit weird and the very worst makes it look like you have something to hide. Don’t let your fear of showing your face get in the way of building a meaningful relationship with your customers!

So I hope you realise just HOW important your about page can be now! And how it’s absolutely crucial that you get it right. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve got an amazing new course called, “Rock your about page” and it takes your through the process, step by step!

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Victoria x