So in the midst of falling ill with suspected Covid19, of our whole family falling ill, I was working on launching a course.

It was a course about how to write the perfect about page. It was all ready to go. When I got better I was just going to press the button and launch it. And then I realised I just couldn’t do it.

I knew just how many people that this course could help.  And I also know how many of you are struggling at the moment.  Struggling to come to terms with not only a scary situation for you personally, but for your businesses too.  Being forced to pack up your businesses, businesses you’ve fought hard for. And no idea when things will get back up and running again.

I had planned to launch this new course for an introductory fee.  But instead (for one time only) I’ve now decided to offer it completely free!  This is because I genuinely think this is something that can help to not only create a practical solution for your business.  But also to help shift your mindset around it and unlock a new perspective. A new way of looking at your business that will serve you way into the future.

Yes, your about page is THAT important.  And this virtual training will help you not only tell potential customers what you and your business is all about, it will also help convert those people into LIFELONG FANS!

Sound good?

Well you only have a short time to sign up, and once this course has happened, I WILL NOT BE OFFERING IT FOR FREE AGAIN.  This will usually be a paid for course, so grab it with both hands, while you can.

It will take place LIVE on Tuesday 14 April between 8pm-9pm GMT . To sign up and get all the details you can click here.

The course will be an hour long and you will get a downloadable workbook to complete after the live training, which will guide you through the process of putting together your perfect about page.

I will run this course again after April, but next time I will be charging, so make sure you get in when you can to make the most of this offer!

I hope this will help you move your business forward at this difficult time – consider it my gift to you!

See you in the training,


Don’t take it from me, take it from them…

The fact that my about page is about my customer and not about me was a revelation! It seems obvious when you say it, but I hadn’t been thinking that way at all.

Rebecca Wilson, Rebecca Wilson Jewellery

“Victoria showed me a way of approaching an age old website must have in a new and interesting way.”

Kate Smith, Kate Smith Jewellery

“I’m still not finished writing and adjusting my new About Page, but I already have a bunch of ideas I want to implement, thanks to your training!

Catarina Nordeste, Caterina Nordeste Joalharia