Yup.  It got me.  And all four of my family – my husband Simon, and my boys – Hugo and Dylan.  While it hasn’t been confirmed we’ve had Covid19 (because we haven’t been tested), I’m pretty sure we’ve had it.

How was it?  Well it was pretty horrible. Not the worst illness I’ve ever had, but I spent the best part of the week in bed, with so many emotions swirling around my head.  And the worst thing was the helplessness. Helpless that I couldn’t do anything to help my two boys, helplessness that I couldn’t do anything when Hugo (aged 3) was struggling to breathe and we had to wait FIVE hours for an ambulance.  This thing was coming, and there was nothing we could do.

But at the same time I was grateful.  Oh so grateful that it hadn’t affected us worse.  Grateful we’d got through it in one piece. Because I know not everybody will be so lucky. I know countless people will be isolated and alone. And I know vulnerable people will struggle to fight this thing.

But all that didn’t stop me feeling frustrated.

Frustrated that our lives have been turned upside down. And to be frank, that made me feel guilty, when so many people are having a much tougher time. But I want to say to you, IT’S OK to feel like this. We’ve lost any control of what we want to do, and THIS IS HARD.  This is not how we wanted to spend our spring/summer. Isolated, and locked down in our houses. We’re worried about our livelihoods and the economy. And while that isn’t as important as saving lives, it’s still pretty damn important.

Like you, the plans I spent weeks, months making have gone by the wayside. And I had to build a new set of plans.  Things I wanted to do for my business no longer seemed right. I felt like I was putting my life on hold. I honestly didn’t know HOW TO GO FORWARD.  So I stopped. I pressed the pause button. I meditated a little. And then I REALISED EXACTLY what I had to do! I realised I didn’t need to put things on hold…I just needed to approach them in a new way.  This thing would not stop me serving YOU and helping you to create a sustainable business.

The valuable lesson I learned from all this (and you should too) is that:


I’ll explain what I mean.  It’s like you might have a goal to make the most beautiful pair of earrings you’ve ever seen.  And you decide you’re going to make them through granulation. But then, your soldering torch breaks!  It’s very tempting to get frustrated and annoyed that you can’t now make that pair of earrings. UNTIL YOU REMEMBER – your actual goal was to make the most beautiful pair of earrings you’ve ever seen.  It was YOU that decided that granulation would be the chosen method. So all you need to do is flip it and find a new method to make your earrings. One that you have the tools and materials for.  

Do you see what I mean?  Don’t get hung up on the process…just focus on what exactly your end goal is.

Thinking in this way really helped me with an idea I was working on to help you.

I know so many people are struggling with direction for their business and I wanted to help, but how to do it? Well, I have an idea, AN IDEA THAT I KNOW COULD HELP YOU IN YOUR BUSINESS AND WILL HELP YOU APPROACH THINGS FROM A FRESH PERSPECTIVE TOO.

I’m still working on it.  But stay tuned and I’ll be revealing all in the next few days.

All I can say is, YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS.  I’LL BE OFFERING SOMETHING THAT WILL HELP YOU GAIN A FRESH PERSPECTIVE ON YOUR BUSINESS. And I won’t be doing it again.  This is truly a one-off opportunity to help us all through these tough times.

I can’t wait to reveal all, keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days!

Love Victoria