We’re always urged to take ‘lemons and make lemonade’.  But can you really make lemonade out of something as despairing and hopeless as the Coronavirus?

It really is strange times. Amid this crazy bubble of despair people are feeling vulnerable, fearful and extremely nervous.  I get it. It’s scary. I felt it first-hand myself in the supermarket aisles yesterday. Many people had their heads down, scared to talk to people, all in their own little fear bubble. 

Seeing the impact it’s had on people, is something that’s struck a chord with me. Uncertainty, disruption and panic buying are the order of the day. And I’m not blaming people for it. I thought I’d be immune.  But if you’re honest, when you’re standing there – next to the shelves of food – how many of us can really resist that voice saying, ”Go on, get a few extra. Just in case”?

Yes. The world seems to be absolutely consumed with fear right now.  And there are many challenges, especially for small businesses, and the vulnerable.  I can only imagine how it feels to be one of those people directly affected. No, this is NOT an easy time. But the truth is, there ARE things we can do to get some positivity back into our lives – to bring back a bright light of hope to us and our communities.

We might not be quite ready to see it yet. We’re all up in the air and our heads are foggy with logistics and questions at the moment: just how IS self-isolation going to work? Are my loved ones safe? How will we cope? What will be the short and long term repercussions of all this? WHEN will it all end? Will we have enough toilet roll? 

But as with all problems (challenges and tests) we face in life, we always come through.

We just need to start seeing things from a different perspective. So why not flip the script and instead of being fearful of change…start to embrace some new opportunities?  I know it’s hard. It’s really tough to be that positive light in the gloom. But the truth is, some of the biggest companies were born out of times of crisis. So as difficult as it is, focusing on what might be next for you, and how to get the skills to really put your business on solid ground is a pretty good idea. Let’s face it…any skills you can build now will be useful, whatever happens to the world.

Really and truly, the summer WILL eventually come back, we just need to get into a new routine and trust that everything will work out. And the reality of this is, once the dust has settled, we might have a bit of time on our hands. Personally, I’m going to use that time to grow. I want to be able to offer more, in terms of support and education. I think that’s what my community needs right now. Skills to grow themselves, their businesses and to change perspective. And I recognise that to do that I need a whole other set of skills.  Performing at another level requires new level skills. And I’m personally upskilling right now through one of the biggest growing industries in the world – the self-education industry. Which is actually fabulous timing, as it can all be done from home!

I can’t help thinking that all this chaos is a great reminder that our lives have got SO fast. 

Maybe it IS time to slow down, re-evaluate and work on ourselves. Everyone’s scared this is the end. But here’s a thought…what if instead it’s the BEGINNING OF SOMETHING BETTER? If we flip the script and see things from a different perspective it might shed the light on things that no longer serve us, and ways to move on and be happier. What can you do to flip the script in your head and start embracing new opportunities?

Growing my own skillset and working on my beliefs feels like the safest and most logical thing to do amongst the chaos and disruption.  What could be more impactful and valuable than working to become the best version of myself? It will pay dividends for myself, my family AND my community.

Are you with me? What are you going to do for yourself to keep feeling positive? How are you going to turn Coronavirus into lemonade?