It’s not everyday you get invited to an art fair at a racecourse… so I was intrigued by Art & York.

A fabulous setting, the team had cleverly transformed the buildings into a contemporary art gallery – with a mix of intriguing sculptures and installations.  There was a huge wealth of talent on display, from across the art world. It genuinely felt like the space was always meant to be an art gallery!

I could have chosen so many of the different artists/makers to feature, but as this is a jewellery blog, I’ll focus on some of the jewellers.

Here’s some of my favourite pieces from the event…

Align Jewellery

Having been an admirer of Kate McLaughlin’s brand Align for some while now, it was fabulous to see it in reality!

The crispness of the pieces was gorgeous – all those straight lines! And there was a beautiful weight to some of the larger pieces which made them feel very decadent. Total luxury.

Magnolia Restrepo

Magnolia had some beautiful pieces, my favourites were the stone set rings. This one in particular is a complete showstopper. Just look at that gorgeous colour – such a deep hue.

Joanna Wakefield

Joanna’s pieces were so full of personality – all based on haberdashery/sewing. It probably won’t surprise you that she grew up in a family of sewers, so it was pretty much inevitable this came out in her work!

My favourite pieces were the cute bobbin studs and the clever tape measure bracelet.

Lauren Taylor

You might not be able to tell from the photos, but Lauren’s work is unbelievably tactile! Inspired by the industrial revolution in Manchester, she hand spins cotton into rope to create these masterpieces.

Such a lovely bold statement (and so gorgeously soft too!) and she can create them in any colour, to go with a special outfit.

Anna K Baldwin

One of Anna’s favourite techniques, hammering, is one of mine too! I just love the way she’s shaped the metal using the hammer, creating gorgeous textures. And those coiled rings are just beautiful.

Holly Suzanna Clifford

I recently featured Holly on The Jewellery Spot, and i just love the detail in her jewellery. Created in resin, each piece is a miniature work of art. So beautiful…and even more so when you see it in reality.

Deborah Beck

It’s one thing creating incredible looking jewellery, but the best jewellers out there also make jewellery that’s incredibly comfortable to wear too. Because what fascinates me about jewellers is that they’re not only artists, but also craftspeople and engineers too.

This ring (on the left) is inspired by mangrove roots and was incredibly comfortable to wear, despite being a bold statement piece. And I loved the idea behind Deborah’s new collection (on the right). The stone featured is actually made from plastic! Giving a new lease of life to plastic which would otherwise be waste and taking a fresh perspective on what we consider to be precious. I’m also a huge fan of sculptural pieces, so all of Deborah’s work really appealed to me.

Laura Creer

Organic shapes, gold, silver and porcelain. Laura’s work is all about texture, one of my favourite qualities in jewellery. My fave pieces were this beautiful bangle with 24ct gold detail and this simple but effective round ring. Subtle and beautiful.

Emily Higham

Emily’s work shimmers, like a beautiful mermaid tail. I love the organic shapes and the colour palette of blue/grey and orange really pops. The earrings are beautifully lightweight too, which makes them incredibly easy to wear.

Emma Hender

The minute I saw this showstopper of a necklace, I just had to try it on! Such a gorgeous, chaotic, mish-mash of triangles and edges. I’m a sucker for sharp lines, so that’s exactly why I made a beeline for it. Triangles are also my favourite shape (is that weird that I have a favourite shape?) Loved the geometry around all of Emma’s work. And her clever use of oxidisation on her pieces.

Faye Hall

Originally a textile designer, can’t you just see this through Faye’s work? I loved the bold colours and original use of materials. But my particular favourite was the new flock stud earrings she’s created (far right), so unusual and really tactile too.

Art & York finished on Sunday 27 October for 2019, but you can find out more about future events at their website here.