I do love a great craft fair, and the Great Northern Contemporary craft fair was a fabulous one!

Stuffed to the brim with amazing talent and super-friendly people, I wondered whether I’d have time to get round and meet everyone.

So many brilliant designers and products and there really was such a happy vibe – I’ll definitely be going back.

Although there were so many different products to buy, I’m going to focus on jewellery (after all this is The Jewellery Spot) and here’s some of my favourite designers and pieces:

Poppy Norton

I just love Poppy’s recent pieces, and although I sadly didn’t get to meet her on this occasion, I just couldn’t resist trying on her work! Love her bold rings and statement collar. You can see Poppy’s interview on The Jewellery Spot here.

Angelina Jane

Angelina’s bright and bold work is so striking and almost makes me think of modern stained glass windows. But what you can’t tell from the photos, is how innovative it is! Many of the earrings are double-sided and can be worn different ways and the necklace in the video has a magnetic fastening inside the blocks and is completely reversible. I’m a new fan!

Sadie Blythin

Sadie’s bright and geometric work is absolutely gorgeous and necklace shape are so innovative. I loved the layers of material which she builds up to create the shapes.

Abbie Gaiger

I’ve been a fan of Abbie’s work for a while, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in reality. Just look how amazing this bangle is – it would be so fab on a night out!

Sarah Packington

Love Sarah’s colourful resin jewellery. Quite subtle but the geometric patterns are so evocative of fabric textures.

Rebecca Burt

I was delighted to meet Rebecca and her work after featuring her on The Jewellery Spot before. This is her Eden collection – created from hundreds of tiny silver ‘leaves’. Just look at the way the necklaces shimmer. I was also a huge fan of the gemstone stacking rings – just out of sight on this photo. You can read Rebecca’s interview with The Jewellery Spot here.

Isabelle Capitain

Isabelle uses the most gorgeous gemstones in her work – which you can see below. These stones elevate her work and you can clearly see the German influences – she’s originally from Germany!

Claire Allain

If you like hammered, organic textured jewellery, then you’ll love Claire Allain! Her bold pops of sea-inspired colour are so beautiful in amongst the oxidised and perfectly imperfect shapes. I think the bangles were my favourite…but I did really love the stacking rings too.

Rachel Butlin

One of the great things about coming to this fair was being able to put a face to so many names I’ve met on social media. Rachel Butlin is another designer I’ve featured on The Jewellery Spot, but not yet met. It was so lovely to meet her and her beautiful work. The mixture of colours and textures are so beautiful. And in the middle photo you can see how her stud earrings can be worn in different ways – creating four different combinations – so clever! You can read Rachel’s interview on The Jewellery Spot here.

Emily Thatcher

Emily’s work is so totally gorgeous – she chooses the most beautiful stones and I just loved the chunky chains on some of the necklaces – all gorgeously high quality products.

Chris Boland

Chris’ style is so distinctive, with truly beautiful gemstones and textures. Each piece is a labour of love for him, with some of his more complex pieces of work taking hours to make. I love the way the stone on this ring sits in between the fingers. And did you realise all the piece on the brooch below are individually soldered?! Just wow!

Have you been to any great craft fairs recently? Let me know where and we can spread the love!

The Great Nortern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester has now finished but you can find out more about other Great Northern Contemporary Craft events here.