Hi I’m Victoria. Jewellery obsessive, Mum of two and pancake addict. In fact I love jewellery so much I set my own studio up to make my own and pretty much taught myself.

But on my jewellery learning journey I’ve come across so many talented designers who aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. Most designer/makers work on their own and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere that’s collating their work and telling their stories.

I felt this was such a shame for both the super talented jewellery designers and the host of jewellery obsessives (like myself) who aren’t getting to know about them.

So I’ve set up this blog to feature independent jewellery designers in the UK and to tell their stories. I’d love to know if you’re enjoying this blog, so if you know of any great designers I should feature, please drop me a line. (You can also get in touch with any top pancake recipes – you can never have too many!)